Thinking of Going

Do you feel called to serve God in the mission field or just “want to go on a mission trip?”  Do you wonder what one person or one small team can accomplish?  The answer is A LOT!  A series of small teams built our Children’s Home.  A small medical brigade can see hundreds of people in a week.  A small prayer team can profoundly touch lives so desperate for God’s love.  Not even the biggest organization or the richest person can solve all the problems in a country or the world.  Instead, we can each be the hands and feet of Christ for someone else.  We can make a life changing difference in the life of another precious child of God.  Everything that a team or individual does matters.  It matters to the person doing the service, the person receiving the service, and to our Lord.

As you pray about whether you should come, here are some things to consider:

  • Vacation vs. mission:  This is an important difference in attitude.  Missioners come with a servant’s heart.  Vacationers are looking for experience – fun with a little work of their choice sprinkled in.  A mission trip to LAMB is full of fun but not a vacation!  Please come with a servant’s heart.
  • For or With: Our teams do not do things FOR the Hondurans.  All our teams work WITH, in partnership with the Honduran leadership, and under their direction.  Working together brings a deeper sense of commitment in all parties (team and locals) and leads to sustainability once the team has returned to their home country.
  • Relationship:  LAMB is a very relational ministry.   All parties are invested in getting to know and love each other.  Bonds are formed quickly with the expectation they will continue over the years.  These trips are about putting down roots, becoming an extended family – unconditionally loving each other in the midst of a robust Honduran culture.
  • God’s call: You may feel called to go on a particular trip or to do mission work in general.  You may not know why God called you to go at that time or on that trip.  Be assured that God’s purpose will be fulfilled and that He will reveal the purpose in His time.
  • Skills: Often people feel they have no skills to offer.  As long as you can love and come with a servant’s heart you have all the skills you need!  We have people of all ages, backgrounds, and physical capabilities come.  We keep them all busy!
  • Security:  Sadly, nowhere in the world is perfectly safe.  In Honduras, we are extremely vigilant about keeping our teams safe.  Just as we do at home in the US, we avoid dangerous places.  Our missionary guest house is in a gated, secure community.  We use careful, responsible drivers.  We do not hesitate to change schedules, routes, or even cancel trips if we feel there is even the slightest risk.  All we ask of our teams is that they exercise good judgment about their individual behavior and adhere to the instructions given by the LAMB US and LAMB Honduras staff. We constantly monitor the situation.  We have not had a single security incident with our teams since we began receiving teams in 2001.

If you or your church feel called to further explore a relationship with LAMB, please contact us.