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A Gift To You: LAMB Lenten Devotional

Wednesdays during Lent (Beginning March 1st)

In a Quiet Place of Your Choosing

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Week 1: Humble Me

Week 2: Transform Me

Week 3: Show Me

Week 4: Help Me

Week 5: Teach Me

Week 6: Lead Me and Use Me

Why is LAMB doing a Lenten Devotional? 

This year, for the first time, LAMB has put together a Lenten devotional series. This is an offering of thanks to each one of you for being a part of the LAMB community. Since it is a gift, we will only be sending it to those who choose to receive it (rsvp).
We hope this will be a resource that will help you grow in your relationship with Christ. It is our desire that you will be intentional in the weeks leading up to Easter and, like Jesus, prepare for the work that God is calling us to here on earth.

How will the LAMB Lenten Devotional work?

Our theme this year is “On Earth As It Is In Heaven.”  We chose this theme because it is the theme being used among our Honduran leadership this year for their spiritual retreats.

If you sign up to be a part of this devotional series, you will receive an email each Wednesday for 6 weeks starting on Ash Wednesday (March 1) that includes a short reflection and a prayer. Each week’s reflection is written by a different author, made up of board members, staff members, and former team members. But mostly, they are six people seeking to grow in their relationship with Christ and offer something special to Him and to you out of gratitude.

What is Lent?

Lent is the 40 days between Ash Wednesday and Holy Saturday. Many churches observe it as a season of self reflection. 

There are many examples in the Bible that point to the significance and symbolism of the number 40, but Lent is most often connected with the 40 days Jesus spent in the desert before embarking on his formal ministry on earth.